If there is one thing I could never, ever do, that is closure. I’ve had my fair share of what ifs, and as much as I’d like to forget about it, it still haunts me up to now. The mind is messed up. When you hear a certain song, or see an old picture, your brain restores all the memories that you thought you have forgotten. And along with it comes the joy, and sometimes also the pain. You thought it was long gone, and that if it ever came back, it wouldn’t hurt as much. But it still does, it still pierces through me, my very heart and soul.

I want to forget. If getting a lobotomy is the only choice, I’d gladly take it. Even if all those other memories will be sacrificed, I don’t care. I will gladly throw away the good memories if it has to go with the bad ones.

I can never do closure, all I can do is forget. And when it comes back, I will just have to face it, and hope I’ll forget it again.

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