C’est Mort

Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace. – Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Some of you might be thinking that I may have lost my mind or is in a depressive state and needs a psychiatrist. Well, for all your information, I’m not. I’ve had enough time, even more than enough, to contemplate on certain things. A benefit of having so much free time on my schedule. I’d like my blog to go on a deeper dimension as well, feeling like a real writer now. I’m kidding!

I came across a website that contains people sharing ideas of how they think they’re going to die, of course my curiosity got the best of me, and I ended up checking it out. It’s not macabre in any way, it’s not a place where all people with suicidal tendencies unite. It’s much more than that.

And so since then I have thought of several ways that I might actually die. Everything I have thought of was simply hilarious for me, I’m not sure if it will be the same for you. Sometimes I just feel like making my life a comedy series, you know?

1. I will die being hit by books, thick ones.

Being the bibliophage that I am, wouldn’t it be ironic that I die with a stack of books? At least I was in the presence of Austen, Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolkien, Rowling (Potterhead until death), Hemingway, etc. How funny.

Proposed epitaph: Books can take you to places, it took her to heaven.

2. By chocolate.

I know it’s a marketing term, and a really good chocolate cake, but there are times that I can’t stop eating them. I crave for it like, every day. I remember this movie I saw where this evil old woman feeds a fat boy too much chocolate cake. I don’t know if he died.

Proposed epitaph: We told her, WE TOLD HER.

3. By too much alcohol, or worse, sex.

Now this is too amusing. I was laughing to myself when I thought of it. I still don’t know what it feels like, getting drunk and doing it. So who knows? It might be the death of me.

Proposed epitaph: At least she died happy. Too happy.

4. By some stupid curse that I didn’t pass to 10 people.

I always thought it was rubbish, end up getting angry even. What if it comes true? Like Sadako coming out of the television getting me?

Proposed epitaph: Didn’t pass the chain message. (And then everyone who reads it will freak out. OMGGG)

5. By cracking my body due to laundry.

What? Don’t judge me, I hate doing it. You have no idea of the bad things it can do to your bones. I have a deformed skeleton already, and if one day it has had enough, I hate to say my parents that I told them so. But I couldn’t, because I’d be dead.

Proposed epitaph: They made her do all the laundry.


Before you all think that I have truly lost my mind, I will stop here.

Making death funny is not the point of this post. It’s sharing this fact in life that we all die at some point. Some in the most unexpected times. Too early, too soon perhaps. And on those last seconds of your life you will think, have I done everything I wanted? Have I lived  a full life? Is my life worth celebrating? Did it make any sense? Every day we wake up, and we’re not really sure if we are living. We just get out of bed, get ready for work/school, wait for it to end, and go back to bed. Who’s to say there’s still tomorrow? We don’t hold time. We don’t know what happens after.

Death is not something to be afraid of, it’s part of life. We will all come to that point (fine, fingers crossed it will not come soon). And before that comes, let’s make it to a point that when we look back, we can safely say that we have truly lived and wouldn’t regret moving forward. I think that’s how we achieve peace at death, when you know that you have spent your years well.

1 thought on “C’est Mort”

  1. There’s so much truth in those last two sentences, and you’ve summed it up so beautifully and succinctly there. However, I’m now going out to buy chocolate, on the basis that if I go suddenly, I want it to be in a pleasing, bloating haze of confectionery-based happiness.

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