Happy Birthday Jesh!

I know this is a little different from what I usually post, but this is MY blog, so… I dedicate this post to my long-time friend, bandmate, churchmate, and McDo friend Jeshua Titus Penny Pel!

I love that photo, okay?

He is the most infectious person I have ever met in my entire life. We attended the same church, were in the same ministry, and his parents were my parents’ friends, so obviously he’s my friend too. And I don’t regret it, at all. We enjoy eating at McDonald’s every Friday or Sunday. No regrets on gaining weight, either. He left for the US last 2007 (?). I remember everything that happened at the night before they left. I think that was my worst cry fest ever. In my entire existence. I cried when we hugged, I cried when we waited for a jeepney, I cried when we hugged again, I cried while in the jeepney, I cried while walking at the Makati-Mandaluyong Bridge, I cried while riding another jeepney to our house, I cried when I got home even if Mom scolded me that I came home late, and I cried until I slept. So yes, that was the most excruciating cry of my life so far. And remembering it makes me recall how much I will miss him then, and how much I still miss him. 😥 No, he’s not dead, just far away. Too far in fact! 8,378 miles!

I’m sending all my love from here to Manila to there in Cincinnati. Your McDo buddies will be waiting for you here FOREVER. Hahahaha! Happy birthday, we love you!



Airah, Jona, Shannen, Ton and John. 🙂


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