No Means No

After an unfortunate event, I have come to a realization about the male species. At first I was appalled, they were supposed to be logical. Can’t they take a hint? I don’t want to say that they’re stupid, but are they? And then I was terrified, being the prude that I am I was afraid of other girls out there who could have not been strong enough or observant to leave before things got worse.

There is this canny characteristic of males, that when the females are a tease, they ask for more.

Okay, maybe somehow girls are a tease. But honestly, what is so wrong with that? It was the status quo, girls were designed to be pursued. You don’t see any girl courting a guy in this part of the country. If they wanted that, then they should move to where that is socially acceptable. If they can’t then sorry my boy, you’re going to have to suck it up.

There is a difference between boys and men.

Not all girls are teases, there are some that just says plain ‘no’. How is that so hard to understand? How can you not tell? When they said no, it’s clearly a no. When did a no became a yes? What country, what planet, what universe?

And don’t even say that they asked for it. Preys don’t parade themselves to their impending death. How can some guys be so thick?

‘No’ sounds like ‘no’, in the true sense of the word. It doesn’t sound like a ‘yes’. It doesn’t look like it. It doesn’t mean it as well. Use your brain, and have respect. Not every girl wants to get in a guy’s, err, pants.

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