The Masochist Diaries: Frustrations of a Game of Thrones Fan

As most GoT fans know (I assume we all do because that last episode was a total cliffhanger and we masochists want more more MORE), S3 will be aired on April 2013. That’s roughly 285 days, which is almost a year, which means a long long winter for us all. So here are the things I will miss through the long hiatus season break of the only show I have possibly been addicted on for so long.

1. The killing and (for men and some women possibly) the boobies. No wonder we are called masochists, because almost every episode someone dies. I just wonder why the other term for us fans isn’t perverts.

2. Baby Bron and Rickon, lost puppies that I’d like to adopt any day. I know I sound like a creep or a pedo or both, but their better in my arms than Hodor’s. I am forever tainted with the nightmare of Hodor’s… longclaw.

3. Joffrey being a total douchebag. I always get drawn to the blonde bad guys (see: Draco Malfoy), no matter how evil they get and I just want to spank them senseless. But somehow my love for Jack Gleeson, the one who plays Joffrey Baratheon, overpowers it. I don’t care if he’s aiming his arrow on whores or Sansa, the more airing the better!

4. Gendry and Arya. Now the more I continue this list the more you will all probably realize how much of a whackjob I am like I realized to myself. The books says Arya is 10 and Gendry is 15, while in the series they are probably 12 and 18, so there’s the obvious age gap. WHICH I DO  NOT SEE AND DO NOT GIVE ANY SHIT WHATSOEVER. Gendrya is real, I will hold on to it. I have faith in GRRM that he will make this happen.

5. Sansa and Dany being HBIC. We all know how much of a brat Sansa was from the first season, but now that she’s awaken because of the death of her father in her very own eyes, plus her family nowhere to be found, she has to be strong like the direwolf that she is in the way she knows best. Sneaky little dove if you ask me. And then let’s not forget the badass blondie Daenerys who will take what is hers with fire and blood, with her baby dragons! My opinion still stands that Drogon is a Mommy Khaleesi’s pet.

6. Sleazy Ygritte with Chastity Jon. I swear as how odd as it looks, girls hitting on boys instead the other way around, they make it funny. Seriously Jon’s pretentious innocence and Ygritte’s little innuendos make me hang on to their every moment. Jon Snow may not know nothing, but Ygritte can teach him. 😉

7. Awesome imp Tyrion. He may not win the Iron Throne, but he gets the crown for Best Witty Comeback and Sarcasm. Even the little guys deserve to win, even the girl. How did he make Shae stay like that? He must be bigger in other places. 😉

8. Drunk Cersei. I seriously loved those moments. The phrase “more wine” is tattooed on my mind forever. We all know her as conniving and bitchy, but when she’s on the influence of alcohol she gets touchy and teaches you that life sucks. I would give my college funds for an entire episode solely her being drunk.


Well, they say The Walking Dead is a good alternative for GoT until next season, but I’ll hold on a little longer while watching replays and sobbing, then maybe I could hold off my excitement and move to other shows while it’s on break.

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