Now What?

You can’t just make me different and then leave. You can’t. You can’t change me and make my whole life centered around you, then leave.

– Looking For Alaska, John Green

There will come a time when someone comes into your life and then drastically changes it, making you do a complete 180 degree turn. Everything you’ve known, everything you believed in, everything you stand up to is challenged. They make you rethink of your ideals, your dreams, your outlooks in life. It may be a good or a bad thing. And then suddenly, you are someone different.

But the next thing you know, they leave.

They come out of your life, just when you’ve found the comfort from the sudden change of weather, just when you’ve already settled for spontaneity than your foolproof plan. It doesn’t matter if they shut you out or just plainly left, leaving you in the demise of the damage, or improvement, that they put you through.

Now what?

How do you move on when they’ve changed everything? When you were perfectly fine on your own then and they just had to come into your life and ruin everything, and now you’re just lost?

Like any self-help books, I will say the same crap they do: We move on.

Slap me senseless, tell me that it’s easier said than done, just hear me out first. Some people come into your life, but they are not entitled to stay. They’re going to challenge you, change you, and when the time is up, they have to go. It’s not a sad thought, it’s a fact. A fact that not everyone is aware of, that not everyone wants to accept.

Don’t generalize. Some are going to leave, some will stay. Some who are supposed to stay end up leaving because they take the fact too seriously and never let anyone in. It’s supposed to be a perfect balance, like of yin and yang. Trust them that they’re going to stay, but when they leave you don’t beg them not to.

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