Sailors And The Storm

It’s no surprise that there will be storms that will test our waters, trying to knock us overboard and drown and go our separate ways. Some storms are too strong, it hasn’t tried to attack but you already go way ahead and jump on the cold water.

I for one, can’t swim. But as long as you hold me tight on this one, I trust you’d help me get through this. I was thinking of surrender, but then I remembered you and everything and how you wouldn’t do the same. And I felt strong and brave again.

Let’s face the waters together. I will learn to swim for you.

2 thoughts on “Sailors And The Storm”

  1. I love all of my children dearly (sometimes more so than I can ever express), but in all of my kids, I see most of myself in you.

    Even the words you write seem so hauntingly familiar; as if I have uttered and written them before. You live and you love almost the same way I do. So I hope, in the future, no matter where this ‘drowning’ and ‘swimming’ would take you, I hope you would be just as strong when the storms take over. 🙂

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