I’ve always wondered what you found in me that made you think I was special. Like someone you could be with. Even for the rest of your life.

For one, I have bad memory. I can never remember your reminders, or where I left the car keys, or how much money we have left. I am messy. Cabinets are supposed to organize things but mine doesn’t really fulfill it’s promise, in fact it just makes it worse. I am moody, crying at random things and getting angry at the most simplest miscommunications. And I eat a lot to a point that I can definitely foretell that I will be heavier than you when we are older.

But you always found those flaws adorable, and they’re the reasons that you stay. And it still baffles me, to a point that I think you’re either crazy or just playing me. And it’s comforting and scary at the same time.

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