I Am A Game of Thrones Hiatus Survivor


If you are a Game of Thrones fan and is still alive today, then congratulations! You have successfully survived the one year hiatus! ONE. YEAR. HIATUS. Give yourself a pat on the back, eat another cupcake, reward yourself. You deserve it. You should be really proud of yourself, and I sure am. Self five! I don’t know how the rest of you did it, maybe went to another fandom (TRAITORS! Kidding.) or slept for an entire year, but here’s how I made it through.

1. Read the book series

I never really got the chance to read the books before I started watching the series. And so to fill the void, I started reading all the books. They were all thick and crazy long but who cares? Turns out the books are even greater. The TV series gave it much justice. Of course there were some differences but it doesn’t matter. I honestly don’t get it when people are so OC about the changes of the films from the books. Even the small changes, like I don’t know, hair color! If you wanted it to be accurate, it’ll take more than 3 hours. Also give the directors a sense of variety from the author, cut them some slack. Make your own version of the movie if you want. Use disclaimers though.

2. Stalk the actors on social networking sites

All thanks to the internet! Because of my mild, menial, teeny tiny bit obsession over GoT I spent a lot of time trolling the internet about the cast and whatnot. Surely there must be some behind the scene photos, book drafts, interviews and such that will keep me in tune until the next season. I learned that Jack Gleeson, who plays my guilty pleasure Joffrey, is actually a nice guy. I have to tell you this has gave me a lot of conflicting emotions. I like Joffrey in a sadistic, psychotic way and I like Jack because he’s all nice. DO YOU SEE MY PROBLEM HERE? Basically I just came to a conclusion that I just love Jack Gleeson to bring me inner peace.

3. Get a life

This was the hardest thing to achieve ever. EVER. But I did and it took my mind off of it for a while. Turns out having a life other than your fandom wasn’t so bad. In fact, I actually did a lot of productive things. I started hanging out with other people, writing, sketching, taking care of my dog, exercising, reading novels. You can escape from the cycle. But it pulls you back every time. Every. Single. Time. You think you can recover but noooo, it’ll SUCK YOU BACK IN.

Sorry, blacked out for a minute there.

4. Read a fanfiction or two

I was an avid reader of fanfictions then, especially since Harry Potter is over and now this. Life is just so hard. And so to waste time I sometimes scroll through the tags on Tumblr and sometimes people would share fanfictions about GoT. So I read a few. Some were good, some were disturbing, some were stomach hurling, downright ridiculously disturbing. But hey, who cares what I think? 50 Shades happened. And no, I didn’t write some. I don’t think I would do it any justice. GRRM is too awesome. Which brings me to the last one…

5. Pray for GRRM

Now we’ve all seen him and his fabulous-ness. With his fabulous suspenders and fabulous beard. It’s giving off an all-knowing kind of vibe right? But it is pretty obvious that he’s… fragile. Now he’s got 2 more books to write before he finally finishes the series and I don’t know if I sound insane but I worry for him. If I met him I would be watching what he eats, makes sure he sleeps enough, exercise maybe. Anything, anything to make his life longer. Long enough to finish the series. Or maybe more books, I don’t mind. Maybe we should just keep his brain like Einstein’s so it wouldn’t be a waste of talent.

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