Sometimes I Wish I Wasn’t Nice


Nice is a pretty boring term if you tried to define a person, which says a lot about me when I say I’m nice.

Remember when they said ‘Nice guys finish last’? It’s true.

Oh sure, they’re okay to be with. They’re reliable.

Too reliable that people can actually abuse the niceness.

And it’s sort of unfair for the nice person isn’t it?

But come to think about it, sometimes it’s the nice person’s fault.

My fault.

I let people drag me, push me around, and hurt me.

I let them do it.

Even when I see it, I wouldn’t complain. Why?

Because nice people don’t complain.

They oblige, they consider, they understand.

Even when the others are wrong.

I believe not everyone should have a nice person in their lives.

Not if they don’t deserve it.

Nice people are selfless. They go about doing things for other people even if they don’t notice.

Nice people are empathetic, they take notice of other people’s feelings. Consider them. Sometimes more than their own.

But there should be more nice people on Earth.

Nice people are strong. Despite all of the troubles that come their way, problems circumstances bring, pain other people give them, they bounce back. They’re still nice about it. Not everyone can forgive as fast as a nice person can. They don’t keep grudges, forgiven and forgotten.

Nice people are smart. They don’t need to say anything, give advice or tell people what to do. They don’t need to show how smart they are either. They listen and they shut up. But they know what to do. They know more than you think they know. Sometimes they know more than you do.

And when they say ‘Nice guys finish last’?

When they finish, it’s more rewarding than any other prize.

How they can forgive easily, letting go of a heavy burden in their heart, freeing themselves from the bonds and chains of the past.

How they can listen and empathize to anyone and everyone, a company that any troubled soul just simply needs and wants.

How they can understand you, from the highs and lows. How they can tell that you just said that because you’re tired, having a bad day or didn’t even mean it at all.

So yeah, sometimes I wish I wasn’t nice.

But I wouldn’t want to be anything else but that.

It’s a power not everyone has.

I am and always will be nice.

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