I’m Sorry Not Sorry If I’m Condescending

I know I’m not exactly the most perfect person. I don’t have perfect ebony luscious hair, or a perfect symmetry and flawless face. I certainly don’t have a perfect hourglass body. But no matter, because I have an awesome brain. I am not apologizing for that.

First of all, before I have an opinion on anything I make sure learn about it. I don’t pretend to know things just to make me sound smart. I also don’t pretend to watch, read or hear something just because it’s hip and everyone else is into it so I could just join in. I’m not a fraud and most definitely not a hypocrite. And I don’t care if other people think I’m wrong.

Well okay, maybe by saying I’m not a hypocrite makes me one, since I like to shun people who are frauds, posers, wannabes, people who use the terms ‘swag’ and, God forbid, ‘YOLO’ in real life. It’s their lifestyle, while would I be so mad at something they want to be, or who they really am?

Simple. Because what they’re trying to be is s t u p i d.

Is it so bad that I want this world to be a better place? For people to think more rationally? Can’t I yearn for excellence, sophistication, and world peace?

I guess the people I dislike the most give me purpose in life. A purpose in which I can ask people if they really want to make that decision with a sour tone, tell people what they’re supposed to do and expect them to actually do it, and make them like what I like because I’m pretty fabulous. I thank you all, for without all of you, I will not the the condescending person I am today. Without them, I will not strive for excellence, sophistication, and maybe world peace. Continue to be yourselves, but maybe crumble a bit to my condescension.

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