When Negative People Live With You

I have to admit, I can be a very negative and paranoid person. I tend to think of the absolute worst-case scenario out of situations. I get irritated at the most simplest things. It’s all a big burden to carry.

Then I realized, it wasn’t my fault.

I don’t wake up with a heavy heart. When I wake up, I feed my dog, and you can’t do that without having a positive outlook on life. Who wakes up in the morning grumpy anyway?

It wasn’t me. It was the people around me. And it sucks. Literally sucks me.

Why? First of all, I haven’t finished college. I can’t fend for myself. Second, I am bound to them for life since the tiny egg combined with the tiny sperm. Third, I still have a masochistic, martyr feeling that I could change them and be optimistic as me. But instead, they keep sucking me in like I’m a space ship getting devoured by a black hole. And it happens over, and over, and over again.

Now I know no one’s perfect, but it couldn’t hurt to try to cooperate. Lighten up a bit. Try not to scream at anyone. Waste of saliva. Quit complaining. Stop being bitter. Don’t hold a grudge. It’s all too hard. But when you step out and take a look of yourself in a different eye, would you like what you see? Would you be proud of what you have become?

I have my bad days, which often occurs the week before my period. But I will try not to make it the entire month. Or year. Or decade. Or my lifetime. I may not be able to change others’ negativity, but I can steer clear from it myself.

Read a book. Listen to music. Go to the mall. Watch a cat video. The key is not to get dragged in. Be the better person. Be the forgiving person.

If all else fails, you can move out or just shove a carrot on their face.

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