I Want To Play Dungeons & Dragons But No One Wants To Believe Me

I am the kind of girl who is really bad at something but I still want to do it. That’s a good thing, right? I don’t give up easily. I don’t let my limitations get the best of me.

For example, I have very bad hand-eye coordination but I like playing shooting games like Time Crisis, Left 4 Dead, and Counter Strike for the sake that I could just shoot somebody. I have a secret fascination to be sharpshooter. You know, like Lara Croft. I had a GameCube before and I played Metroid Prime, and Samus Aran was a woman. Although I’d have to set the difficulty to easy.

So anyway, my boyfriend is currently playing Dungeons and Dragons with some guys and I got interested so I said I wanted to play too. Even my boyfriend, my handsome, kind, supporting, and loyal boyfriend, asked if I was sure. And that sort of offended me.


First of all, it’s not like a really intense team game like Halo. I’m not going to bring them down with my poor game skills. I just have to roll a dice and say stuff the character will do. It’s not life-threatening.

Second, I can be a very good ego-booster. Beating a girl? That makes you men look so cool.

Third, I make a very good Ehlonna. Tree-hugger? Check. Condescending attitude? Check times three. Like horses and unicorns? Checkaroo.

Fourth, if there’s something I’m good at, it’s rolling a dice.

I sort of feel bad for my boyfriend, taking away his only man time. But he says he’s okay with it. Still offended with though.

Let us play Dungeons and Dragons. We will not ruin it. We are giving you people a chance to socialize and a chance to actually get laid/married in the future. Kidding.

Speaking of girls and Dungeons and Dragons, here are clips from The Big Bang Theory when the guys wanted to play D&D.


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