On Feminism

Not everyone is as lucky to meet a man who asks if you want to keep your last name when you get married. If I was a real feminist, I could have cried out of joy. And got turned on maybe.

Now I am not really a devoted feminist, I love me some chivalry every now and then. But sometimes, being a woman, maybe we do go overboard.

Women can be feminists without shouting “Misogyny! Misogyny! Misogyny!” every time they see something sexist. A woman can wear make-up and skimpy clothes and still be aware of their rights, and is in no way getting degraded. Because that’s what they want to wear. Women don’t have to rule the world just for all of this to end, we just want equal opportunities as men.

Feminists are striving for equality and justice, not some worldwide domination. What is so hard to understand about that?

And sure, maybe we do get offended when we are portrayed in the tropes vs. women thing, that’s because like men, we do have different perspectives. One may think of it as offensive the other might think hey, at least the only female character in the movie/game is hot and smart, which all women are. Each woman has her own nuts and bolts too.

And sure, maybe we would get hurt when men’s initial reaction to the alleged bull crap that comes out of our mouths are “Make me a sandwich” or “I’ll rape you”. First of all, if you ask nicely, or if I think you deserve it, then I will make you a sandwich. But the rape, even as a joke, is not funny. Even men rape is not funny. Raping anyone regardless of sex, race or species? Not funny at all.

And sure, maybe we want to see a normal, unexaggerated woman every once in a while in media. Maybe we don’t want to be deemed as weak. Maybe we can do things that men can do. And that is why there’s feminism. It’s not dangerous, it’s not delusional, and it’s not that demanding.

You know the perfect feminist fictional character? Britta Perry from Community.

Knock knock! Who’s there? Cancer. Oh good, I thought it was Britta!

Granted she is the only feminist member in the cast, despite her allegedly ruining everything (thus the term Britta’d), I believe she is the perfect feminist. You don’t have to always be mad or aggressive or sassy (insert Shirley) just so you could be treated as a fair equal. She doesn’t try to degrade the male characters (unless she did on S4 which I didn’t watch because I miss Dan Harmon), in fact she is, according to the heartless bastard Jeff, the heart of the group.

Feminists are not and should not aim to degrade men, we are merely empowering ourselves because we know we are more capable of what we are normally perceived. Now everybody calm the f-ck down.

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