Why I Love A Nerd

I bet this post will not be an offense to him because he did proclaim himself to be one.

1. You talk about things.

I like talking about the randomest, geekiest things. Basically everything under the sun. Sometimes I like to talk about things that are thought about very late at night in a very early time. I’d ask about Hannibal eating a butt, why a pancake is a cake cooked in a pan, or the real treasure pirates could ever have was the friendship and adventure they had. And it’s great, because he’d like to talk about it too! There would be circumstances that Eric would just rant about Game of Thrones and how Jon Snow is Azor Ahai. Or how his plot being Game Master for their Dungeons and Dragons name was. If you’re not really into the stuff they are in, you can just space out I guess? It’s not every day you meet someone who you can talk to and really connect, you know?

2. You can see their passion.

All men are different, but they’re the same in one thing: if they are really into something, they really put their everything into it. And it’s crazy and amazing to behold at the same time! I have never seen anyone so devoted to anything ever. It can be anything. Comic books, DnD, jujitsu. And yeah, maybe I do get irritated when he suddenly does a jujitsu attack on me when I’m trying to cuddle him. Or when he gets really quiet and serious reading Pathfinder instead of talking to me. But I’m pretty sure they’d rather keep you around than all those things. I hope.

3. You won’t find anyone to get jealous about.

Unless you find another girl nerd that has the same interests and is more attractive than you, then you’re safe. Honestly, the girl nerd territory is a very hard lake to fish on. I’d rather be in my own world before, being a hermit and all. And fictional characters, really? Come on, I’m pretty sure they’d prefer us over them.

4. They’re very creative.

Seeing and reading of all these things, it’s bound to trigger their imagination. Even the thought of a guy who reads mean that they do have that sensitive, crafty mind. How else are they going to keep up with all the different worlds and characters? They’ll look at you as if you are like magic. And maybe I do mean this in a sexy way. Wink wink.

5. They really are for keeps.

In this day and age, it will be very hard to find a serious relationship. Some are just hooking around, not looking for anything serious, a one night stand hi hello bye! I’d like to think these nerds are not like that. You can see in their consistency. Buying every single issue of a comic book, watching the series, reading the books and watching the series. They’re not the type of person who would just abandon something so precious. They know what is for keeps too. And if you are, then they won’t even think twice it at all.

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