Prompt idea: 

Imagine you end up in a parallel universe where everyone around you is a replica of the people you’ve left behind but in different circumstances. You are hopeful that there is a way for you to go back to your loved ones so you try not to create any connections with these new people. What are the circumstances? How do you feel? What gives you hope?

Additionally, there is someone you deeply care about (be it a family member, friend, or lover), and you encounter their double in this parallel world. Who are they? Why were they important? Now that you have found them in this parallel universe, what do you plan to do? Do you still wish to return to your other life?


This is not home.

I see the same things in my bedroom. Same photos. Same walls. Even my family looks the same. I hear their silent prayers during meals, their comments on the news. The ringing of the phone for my sister. The noises my brother’s toys make. They all sound so real. But they’re not.

I go out and see that even my friends look the same. The way they weave their hands through their hair, or bite their fingernails. The ring of their laughter sounds very familiar to the days of the past. But they’re not.

Because every thing else looks the same to me, but their eyes tell me the opposite. They’re so dark and so bland, like their lives were sucked out of them. It’s almost as if they are manipulated like winding dolls into making me believe that I should relax because I am finally safe and sound, that I am finally home. Everything was perfect, so much so that I believed that it isn’t real. And so I pretend, laughing along with their jokes halfheartedly and faking agreement until I find a way out, to my real home, before they suck the life out of me too. I am undaunted, I am strong.

But not when he, or it, is around.

Even in here, he is still mine and he says that I am still his. He looks exactly the same, acts the same, loves the same. But one look into his eyes, I wake up to the reality that I am not really with him. This is all but a figment of my imagination. It gives me great joy that our love is so great, that even parallel universes cannot keep us apart. Only this universe isn’t mine, and so he, I mean it, isn’t mine as well. Tears start to form in my eyes. Will I go back home to the life I have known or stay here, where the only reason I live is alive but not real?


I haven’t written fanfiction in a while so I apologize if it’s rusty


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