Never Mention The ‘R’ Word

In making casual conversations with a new friend, here’s one piece of advice: NEVER talk about religion.

I’m talking about the ‘I want to tell you about our Lord and Savior (insert divine being here)’. First of all, that is a very sensitive, heavy topic. Oh, I don’t know how you prefer your tea but I want to know if I’m sharing the same faith that guides you throughout your entire existence! Second, most people get pretty intense when they try to talk about, let alone defend their religion.

Religion isn’t supposed to be something to be debated about, it’s not something to be shoved to someone’s throat to make them swallow it. But the way it looks and is portrayed right now, it’s starting to be, and its just disappointing. I don’t understand how different religions have any positive effect on the grand scheme of things. Instead of fighting over what is the right religion, how about oh I don’t know, world hunger? It feels like a waste of time. If you look at some religions, there are stories told and entities that are almost the same, with just little differences like names, conditions or circumstances. But over all, it’s the same thing! Why do you have to shun another religion so yours sounds better?

I think the main rule of every religion is, in layman’s terms, don’t be an asshole. And if you don’t like to say vulgar words, then just think of the Golden Rule. It’s all worn out, but that’s the most essential thing you need to know, regardless of any religion you have.

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