Series You Need To Love: Selfie

In the fast-paced, easy-accessed, overly-exposed world of the internet, one’s success is based upon popularity. Every photo posted on Instagram has a series of hashtags to gain more likes and follows. Those we consider friends are now those we meet online, and we’re not even sure they’re some fifty-year-old pervert trying to lure you. Now, that’s probably just the paranoid in me talking, but can you blame me? The world is a scary place, and the internet is another wider universe where people can actually lie about themselves. It’s like a black hole that reels you in, and the next thing you know, you can’t get back out.

Such is the life of Eliza Dooley. Former butt ugly who spends her birthdays alone with a weird clown, she went from a nobody to someone insta-famous with a hot bod and hair like Ariel. The problem is, she is completely stuck in the world of cyberspace, her head out of reality. Normally, she wouldn’t mind because hey, she’s VIP bitches. But after an embarrassing moment at an airplane with all her co-workers to see and no one bothering to help her, it finally woke her up to the reality that she had no real friends despite the hundreds of thousands of followers she has on Twitter.

The answer? Henry Higgs. Serious, old-spirited, and only has a LinkedIn account.

Famous for rebranding in their company, Kinderkare Pharmaceuticals, he gives their hopeless products a brand new light. And if he can do it with crappy children’s medicines, then he can do it for Eliza. Through Henry, Eliza will learn how to look at life not through her smartphone.

Based from the Greek legend turned Victorian play turned musical turned movie Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, or for Audrey fans out there like myself My Fair Lady, comes the series Selfie by ABC starring Karen Gillan, famous for being Amelia Pond, one of the companions of my guilty sci-fi show Doctor Who, and John Cho, famous for my guilty funny movies Harold and Kumar or Sulu from Star Trek fans out there.

Why is this show important right now:

1. First TV show with an Asian male lead character in well, I don’t know, AGES?

2. It is very accurate to our day and age. With everyone’s face glowing all the time due to their smartphones, it makes you contemplate on what you might be missing for yourself.

3. Witty and hilarious, it has punch lines that everyone can relate to that scarily hits close to home. I find myself laughing very loudly at a lot of scenes. The it’s-ugly-because-it’s-genius laugh.

4. Karen Gillan with an American accent.

5. Karen Gillan dancing to ‘No Scrubs’.

6. Karen Gillan in her entirety.

7. John Cho.

8. John Cho in a suit.

9. John Cho in a v-neck.

10. John Cho dancing.


Unfortunately, ABC cancelled the show, which still breaks my heart and I still consider it blasphemy. There are petitions for a second season so if you like the show as much as I did sign and spread the word and use #saveselfie.


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