The past year was the busiest year of my entire life so far. A lot has changed, and I’m positive that I did too. I have grown out of my comfort zone, but is still an introvert at heart. I have become strong and outspoken about changing for the better. I’ve also read more than 50 books this year, which was my resolution. Yay me!

It was the first time I have ever been part of not just one but two organizations: Jose Rizal University’s Central Student Council as secretary and Young Educators Society as president. I have to tell you, it was stressful! Juggling two organizations plus my academics (THESIS!) and my personal life, I wonder how I stayed sane the entire year.

JRU El Consejo 2013-2014
YES Officers 2013-2014
Thesis? Nakakain ba yun?

Me as coordinator of Mr. and Ms. JRU 2014. Coordinator lang, hindi contestant. HAGGARD!
JRU University Week

During the annual awards, YES received 6 awards. Including the highest awards namely Best Organization, Best Adviser for Dr. Bonifacio, and Best President for yours truly. It was insane! YES had a dry streak over the past few years, and I am glad to be part of its rising once again. I thought I was doing a pretty mediocre job, being a rookie and all, but it all worked out in the end. All the stress was worth it!

And over the summer, I was busy finishing the annual report, which made me skip my summer job tutoring. It wasn’t supposed to be my job, but I figured it will all fall as my burden anyway. I have yet to learn to delegate tasks. I am a control freak and a perfectionist, so I’d rather do things myself. Hopefully, I can slowly let go of things I cannot control this year.

When the new school year started, I was basking in the final moments of my senior year (OMG I only have 3 more months of being a college student!). It felt surreal, but I am also excited. I am casually prepping myself for when I start working but in reality I’m hyperventilating inside.

Me during graduation

I told myself and a couple of my classmates who are still part of CSC that we will make the most of our senior year, starting with big changes. And a big change it was. From becoming the secretary of CSC, I have become the President through process of voting. When I won I had a Michael Scott No moment, but everyone else said it was a big opportunity and a challenge for me. I had a bigger chance of making the change I wanted for the university. So I accepted it eventually.

Where’s Airah? At the Tower Conference Room with the President of JRU, Mr. Vicente K. Fabella.
He wanted to be called ‘Vincent’ lang so we obliged him, and he obliged us with a wacky shot. LOL
With Mr. George Yang, founder of McDonald’s Philippines

Having the responsibility was hard. I had to let go of YES and fully dedicate myself to CSC. They were proud of my accomplishment and was glad to let me go but after like a month may mga nagsasabi “Ate Airah, balik ka na sa amin.” Hahaha! I figured it was time for them to learn from what I had done last year, and I told them that if they needed advice, I am always here. Being CSC also entailed being part of controversies, like students who strongly (strongly kasi grabe yung wording nila) felt like we’re not doing anything and that we are just there for the title. At first it hurt, and I wanted to give them a ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’, but I guess that’s politics? People are always going to tell you to do your job better, tell you what you should do, but when it’s time to be the change they cannot utter a single word. At least we had the guts to step forward and start the change, not mope about it as if it will do anything good. We at CSC tend to just laugh of the false rumors aside and do our job while still having our fun (Tangram anyone?). This year had a promising batch. Although medyo nakakahigh blood yung iba, I’d like to think that after this year, they will learn a lot from us and us from them.

Mass Induction 2014
Leadership Training Seminar
Where’s Airah? #2 Strategic Planning and Team Building 2014
Pamaskong Handog. Hahahaha my face!
Where’s Airah? #3 Officership and Organizational Structure Seminar
Paskoro: Paskuhan sa Consejo. HAGGARD! #2

Other than my organizational duties, my hosting career (Career talaga!) has leveled up. It was only a one-time thing during the English Proficiency Seminar last year, but since then many have offered and I couldn’t resist! It’s fun getting along with new people and (sort of) conversing with them. Besides hosting, I have also been asked as a judge and speaker several times, including a beauty pageant! I guess there’s a first time for everything!

Personality Development Seminar. I have a great personality kasi. Chos!
Abby’s 18th birthday. Host na, 18 candles pa.
Judging for Mutya ng Sipnayan 2014 with Ms. JRU 2014 Teresa Gabiota and Ms. Bikini 2014 Hazel Ortiz. Medyo level beauty ko. Hahaha!
Red Carpet Masquerade Ball
Charlene’s 18th birthday. Twinkling eyes!

Also, I have been featured as Rizalian of the Month by, can you believe it, the school library/JRU Book Buddies and The Journal! They’ve also interviewed me for some other things which I have yet to see. I hope I didn’t flop them!

Medyo nakakaloka lang!

As for my academics, I have my practice teaching, which is my course’s OJT. I’d post pictures about it but I lost my phone this year. 😦 It’s probably a sign to buy a new phone for 2015. Hahaha!

And lastly, yes, Eric and I are still together. The long distance relationship is still indeed hard, but we are trying our best to keep in touch and remind the other of our undying, unfailing love (naks!) He went to New York for his birthday and he sent me a lot of pictures. I send him funny pictures and videos in return, because I’m too busy to go on trips like he does. Hopefully, he will come home for graduation this March. I so desperately want him to be there, being it one of the most important moments of my life. And he is very important to me.

I intend for this year to be the beginning of a very serious writing career. I just finished my first fanfiction (AND NO I WILL NOT LINK IT), which took me two years to finish. And if I can finish that, sure as hell I can do another one. I have several things running in my head at the moment and have been typing them as much as I can. It’s worth all the scolding I’ll get from my mom for staying up late once it is published. Not exactly for profit, I just want to get it out there.

This year, I promise to write and write and write. Write until I break, until it hurts. So that when it is done it can no longer hurt me anymore.

So all in all, 2014 was a big year for me. And sort of like the rising action for the big things that life will bring for 2015. 2015 stores a lot of things for me. First, CSC will be planning the first ever graduation ball for the college division. We wanted to make a new tradition this year that hopefully will pass on to the next batches. Of course there’s the aforementioned graduation, and possibly a reunion with Eric, a.k.a. my pumpkin. And then when I graduate I will be taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers by September. I still scares me half to death what this year will bring, but as always, I hope for the best.

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