Creation To Conclusion

I made this poem in light of a friend of mine who’s having heart problems. What can I say? Those of us who have nobody for the impending Valentines Day aka Single Awareness Day have to stick together.

I have a mask that keeps my true form

That no one will ever truly see

I have inside of me a stagnant bomb

That is waiting to explode and be free

You have a jovial disposition

Available for any in need

You have a need for satisfaction

More than what is conceived

You have a crowbar and a chainsaw

That is willing to cut through my hide

You have a clipper and a drive that’s so raw

To stop what is ticking inside

I have an empty vessel inside

In which you can fill with your glee

I have a need to end all your strife

By giving some of them to me

We have a love of massive proportions

Destroying all those we seek

We have an overflow of emotions

Until we are spent and weak

We had a love that could have endured

With promises of being sure to last

We had a burn that never would have been cured

All rapid then ceased so fast

We have these memories we’d like to forget

Than let the pain from it remain

We have these moments we’d never regret

But do not want to happen again

We have a new beginning to look forward

Without each other by our side

We have to start moving apart and toward

Our life without your hand in mine

Maybe someday at some point in time

We could try to have a restart

Maybe by then our love’s not a crime

But until then you’ve broken my heart

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