What You Are To Me

1. You are my favorite song that plays on shuffle, something I didn’t expect to happen but never regretted it.
2. You are my favorite song on repeat, until it becomes a part of me, a distant but familiar hum.
3. You are the song I thought I’ve forgotten, that once I heard, I fell in love again.
4. You are the smell of a book I just bought, released from its plastic seal, the smell of adventure as you flip.
5. You are the tattered pages of the novel I’ve read time and time again, folded on the edges, with smudges and spills, but something I still come back to every time.
6. You are the sunrise that kisses my cheeks, a wake up call, every morning.
7. You are the sunset I gaze upon every end of the day, a mixture of blues, purples, and pinks, blazing oranges like in a canvas. Chaotic. Beautiful.
8. You are the rain that, whilst falling down on my face, flows through every area of skin, mapping me.
9. You are the storm that rages and destroys all that it seeks, even me.
10. You are the smell of warm tea, warming my palm and my body from the inside.
11. You are my bed in the morning, keeping me, luring me, begging me to stay.
12. You are the chocolate truffles I devour with fervor, licking the remains on my fingertips.
13. You are the pen, letting me scribble and bleed for me through my words.
14. You are the paper, swallowing and seeping in the love, the joy, and the pain.
15. You are snow that lands on my button nose, kissing me soft and cool.
16. You are the scorching, weltering heat, firing me up, sweating me until I cannot take any more.
17. You are the sand in between my toes, the waves that come and go.
18. You are my petrichor.
19. You are all that is beautiful and bright.
20. You are all that is ugly and dark.
21. You are mine.

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