Someday Maybe

Someday maybe, it is quite uncertain
My life would could get better
It’s not the worse, nor is it the best
But there is always more, always

Someday maybe, I’m not so sure
I will make my parents proud
That I lived my life without need of their control
Making good, enough decisions on my own

Someday maybe, I suppose
I would finish that damn novel I wrote
It doesn’t have to be bestseller, God forbid
I just want to finish what I started

Someday maybe, if the fates allow
I will be happy without relying on anyone
To lift the strings at the ends of my mouth
And say, “Smile before anyone thinks otherwise”

Someday maybe, this I know I can
I would get over you like you did now
I will be whole again like the day you found me
For someone else to shatter or shine

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