The Things I Might Have Said

“I wasn’t made in this world to be a carbon copy of you. I may be lost but I will find myself eventually. So bugger off.”

“Maybe the mystery of you was what made me think I fell. So when I knew who you were, and who you were was amazing, amazingly not enough for me.”

“I should have known guys like you would never fall for girls like me. Thanks for the butterflies, though.”

“I thought you broke my heart like you broke my trust, but it turns out this heart was stronger than I let on. That’s why I can look at you and sigh in relief and think that it was for the best. I was never cut out for fixing broken people.”

“You think that I let you go because I was jealous. You were wrong. I let you go because I thought you were my friend. And friends don’t do to each other what you did.”

“We were so damn alike that at some points I thought we could have something great, but I realized being with someone as annoying as me would have been all too familiar. I don’t even like myself that much, so being with another me would be a nightmare I’d rather not try.”

“I didn’t really like you that much as I have let on.”

“The thrill of our chase was a great run that never got to the real starting line. And despite the should have, could have, and might have beens, I feel fine.”

“I was just playing along. Thanks for being a sport about it.”

“I’d keep telling you what to do but you’re just as big of an idiot as me when it comes to love. So let’s just cheers to that.”

“I’m still that same meek, crazy, surly girl you met almost ten years ago. There’s nothing you can do to make me love you any less.”

“I have absolutely and completely given up on trying to understand you. Just like the rest of them.”

“It’s okay if our friendship isn’t supposed to last long, but I swear I would always remember you.”

“I was lonely and you were pretty. That was just it.”

“I’m a complete asshole that is unaware of her limits, a big know-it-all of trivial knowledge, and a big coward to do the things I desperately want, but I hope despite my terrible, maybe irreparable flaws, you’ll still want me like I want you.”

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