In Defense To The NBSBs

Call them picky, high maintenance, or just plain unlucky but never unattractive (unless you want to get slapped in the face, totally your call), these women are something. There is a certain hidden power in them, which I would like to dissect in this short article I am writing on my bed as I converse with my NBSB friend on Messenger. Unicorn stickers not included.

NBSBs are surprisingly good at giving advice. And before you throw a tomato at me, let me explain. When you’re in love, it’s all very great. The butterflies are ticklish, you feel warm and fuzzy, and everything else seems to be in technicolor. Good for you. But when the bad days come, and they will, you suddenly have what I would like to call ‘love mental block’. You’ve got a perfectly logical head on top of your shoulders, but it’s clouded with all the fuzzy stuff. And that’s when you need the NBSBs– they will be the savior of the day, giving the most golden advice. And why? They’re head is in the game. They see it as it is, love or not. It will be tough love sometimes but they’re what you need most of the time. They undergo this phase where some love guru possesses their bodies to give you the advice you need, like a love whisperer. It’s not witchcraft, their dopamine and oxytocin levels are just all normal.

These ladies also have got to be the lucky ones sometimes. NBSBs, since they do not have a relationship, can date more than one person at a time. It’s like the Victorian era all over again with them, a little dance with an admiral over at Pemberley and then watching an opera with a businessman over at Bath. It doesn’t even look bad at all, because technically, they’re not in a relationship. These lucky bitches can date, if time will allow, three guys in one night. Some people have more fun than others, it’s unfair.

However what I like about them the most was that they do not need a relationship to feel whole, they feel complete and more all on their own. Have you ever met those recently broke up people who would whine about how lonely and alone they are? The next thing you know, which is actually not surprising, is that in a short time they’re back in a relationship that may possibly be there only to fill out the void of the ex.

Who in their right mind would start an idea that women, or any person, would need someone else to feel complete? Aren’t we whole? And if we are not, why does it have to be filled by someone else? Can’t we do it on our own?

The moment I have discovered that I was worth loving was when I loved myself first. I was set into becoming an old cat lady which I didn’t mind (Still don’t. Maybe.) I had fun all on my own, reading, watching and writing. I had my friends for when I thought I needed to socialize. It dawned on me that I was a pretty awesome gal, and that I loved myself despite all the loose bolts and nuts, the flaws and scars. And then, perhaps, it showed. It showed who I really am and what I wanted to be, which was amazing.

Then someone saw how amazing I was, and here we are.

You can blame the bad timing, the decreasing mortality rate of men everywhere, or the high expectations of NBSBs, but they honestly couldn’t give a rat’s arse about it. They’re too busy loving themselves because that’s what they deserve.

You go, precious snowflakes. God bless ya.

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