Le coup-de-fourdre

It means love at first sight in French. I learned it in a book I bought about some French words they don’t teach in class. Some were obscene that got me laughing and blushing. And then I found this.

Le coup-de-fourdre literally means ‘the bolt of lightning’. You’d think the French were bad at interpreting, but isn’t it just as intense, just as fast?

Imagine seeing someone for the first time and in a matter of seconds instantly feeling that shock course through you. You are, quite simply, more alive than you have ever been. When you’re electrocuted, your nerves get all crazy, your body on haywire. Thousands of volts going through your body in seconds, any longer and you could possibly die. Statistically you should be dead, but there you are. Still looking, eyes lingering, your limbs frozen but your heart hammering. Love, like a bolt of lightning, struck you before you saw it coming.

No wonder the French knew a lot about love.

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