You were the missing part of me I knew,
I just happened to forget it sometimes
whenever my life
gets in the way
blocking my thoughts of you
But I do, still miss you, quite terribly
like having a missing arm, leg, or tooth

That often when I happen to hear a funny joke
See something in stores that you like
Have a view of the sunset
And I constantly think,
“I wish you’d see this,
I wish you were here,
I wish you were here
with me.” But you’re not, unfortunately
And so I keep it to myself until I can finally tell you

Then I guess when you have those missing parts
that you can barely see, touch, hear, feel
like that tooth
like that limb
like that person
even if you try your hardest to always remember
You end up having distorted images inside your head

Maybe I am only thinking of it the wrong way
Recalling it differently than it really is
every smile
every kiss
every touch
Or perhaps I’ve been merely blinding myself
to thinking it had all been tremendously, utterly good

And that tooth
that limb
that person
In your memory becomes a stranger
that you don’t know so you let go

I should probably let you go

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