Why We All Have That Permanently Temporary Person

I have come to realize that a majority of us, whether male or female, has this kind of person. You know, the one that comes and goes like tidal waves in your toes.

You know there’s no future with them. Their random calls and texts of ‘Sup?’ are a clear signs of you being their booty call. You know you’re a part of their harem and you talk and get together when you’re the flavor of the month. They probably have a circulation, where you have a specific time to be in their place and when your time is up, well, sayonara until next time! It’s like job interviews but we keep coming back because they tell you they’ll call you but surprise! You don’t get the job.

Everything is temporary and fast-paced nowadays and sadly relationships have become one too.

Every time someone from my past texts me randomly I keep thinking if they’re doing this to me. I’m not an idiot, I know a fuccboi when I see one, let alone talk to one. The real question is why do I let them do it to me?

Why do we sell ourselves short with these kinds of people who most likely is not as invested as we are? Out of fear that no one will compare to them in the future? Sheer stupidity blinded by love? Gives great orgasms?

We need to cut them out of our lives, but before we do, tell them how much hurt they put you through. Don’t let them continue through life without knowing the damage they did and could possibly do to people.

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