Bodies of Water

I once saw love an ocean away
on a far, distant shore
where I was drowned wave after wave
until I can feel no more.

I once saw love at the river
with its great and powerful flow;
my heart was pushed by the water
until I let it go.

Every time I’ve tried to cross
I’ve left one foot behind,
breaking me at an irreparable loss
and damages I can’t hide.

I once saw love by a puddle,
easily in my grasp;
where we could have met in the middle
and had a love to last.

Now that it seems too easy,
I still refuse to touch
for the fear that it will shatter me
and my heart turns to dust.

Can you put a blame on me
on how I choose to cope?
Can you set my fears free
and give me a slither of hope?

And so I resolved to just hide
and stay in my island alone,
the feeling on the other side
perhaps I’ll never know.

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