Forgiven But Never Forgotten

I have forgiven fate for all that it has thrown at me to supposedly make me strong and wise. For the challenges that has often brought me to my wit’s end, breaking my psyche and crushing my soul. For the circumstances that made me question my existence, life, death and made me wonder if this is all worth it. But I never forget, and so I try to fight when it tries to consume me every now and then.

I have forgiven time and distance for its cruelty. For how it ruined the pacing of my life. For how it made me feel alone. For how its presence made me give up no matter how hard I tried. For making me lose things and people in my life. But I never forget, and so I try to fight through them now as much as possible.

I have forgiven people who have said things that made me feel insecure. For doing things that caused me to feel unworthy. For treating me like I am a toy that they can use only when they are bored or sexually frustrated. For asserting themselves towards me then pretending I don’t exist. But I never forget, and so I keep myself away from certain people who I feel would hurt me the way they did.

And I have forgiven myself for feeling worthless. For wanting to finish my life shortly. For constantly being negative and destructive. For continuously isolating myself at the sight of something or someone new. For holding back, keeping it in, and burying it inside. But I never forget, and so I fight every damn day.

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