I built a castle on an island
for no one but me to see,
even though I long for someone
who could build a bridge to me.

Many brave souls have tried
and some came to succeed,
only to regret it
and all eventually leave.

Some came to built their bridge
out of curiosity,
only to find that the mystery
is not as thrilling as the reality.

Some built a bridge
and I hoped it was just me.
Turned out he also built on others,
about two or maybe three.

Some didn’t even built a bridge,
just came barging in.
Forcing themselves inside,
determined to win.

But instead of meeting halfway
and making bridges of my own,
I burned them all down
and ended up even more alone.

Time has passed, it has been a while,
and now I am pressed to see
the many bridges out there
that want to get to me.

Should I let them? I’ve surely healed
from the past that haunted me.
But it doesn’t answer
the question if I am ready.

Will it be different? Will it be
better than I have known?
Will I risk another conqueror
to destroy the walls I call home?

Just once, I’d like to hear
a simple knock and a plea
than loud battering rams
and threats to invade me.

I am not something to claim,
some trophy you can keep
no matter how you play my mind
or use an iron grip.


I settle on this island.
No, it does not bother me.
I can let you in.
You just need to be honest with me.

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