Airah always knows the most appropriate inappropriate thing to say in situations. She hates surprises because she always figures them out eventually. On her good days, she cleans the house and is productive. On her bad days, just give her chocolate and fast food and no one will be murdered. She doesn’t like it when people acknowledge her ill-gotten efforts because she’s humble and ungrateful at the same time. She can write you a funny eulogy and give you terrible advice that will lift your spirits. She sometimes thinks people hate her because she’s a bad person, but most of the time she thinks people hate her because she’s a mermaid.

A common girl with a too common life, she decided to live with rose-colored glasses in her eyes. Edged with little triumphs and little flaws, filled with dreams and random thoughts.

Why do you write?

I write because I owe it to the little voices in my head. I write because this is how I live with my hopes and regrets. I write because my words are better off written than a shout. I write because I am better off with it than without.

Do you really write these stuff?

All words are mine unless otherwise indicated.

Why did you choose that photo?

Because I can, and I look fabulous in it.


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