What I Learned During My LET Review Math Class

A lot of things could have gone wrong by the beginning of that day. One, it was an 8am class on a Saturday. No need for explanation there. Second, everyone else was trying to get to the shower first. I am the fastest bather in the family, so apparently that means I had to be the last. I don’t get the logic in that. But I still had to hurry, so my bath wasn’t as desirable as I wanted it to be. And third, the traffic was awful. The jeepney route passes at the market, and you know how some people walking on the street have no sensitivity because in the end if a vehicle hits them, it’s going to be the driver’s fault instead of the stupid jaywalker. If I walked, I could have outpassed five jeepneys.

I’m not really hateful of math, I’m not saying I’m bad at it either. I think I’m pretty good at it. I don’t get exempted for Trigonometry and Advanced Algebra finals for nothing. But enough about that. I had to spend 4 hours reviewing about math for my Licensure Examination for Teachers that Saturday morning. So it was a given that I would fall asleep every now and then.

But other than refresher math, I learned some other things through Mr. Concepcion, our reviewer.

1. Don’t over-think.

As someone who has a lot of feels over a lot of things, I think this is a very good advice. Someone might say something rude to you, it could be anything. Like about your weight or choices in life. And they might hurt. But you don’t have to dwell on it, think about it when you sleep at night, let it bother you. It’s not going to make things any better for you. Holding a grudge about it won’t help either.

2. Be smart. Use your talent.

It could be anything and no one would probably care, nobody should anyway. Especially if it’s none of their business. Skills are pretty in demand these days, sometimes you don’t need a doctorate degree anymore. The years you’re going to spend your life studying could have been used for what you really wanted to do. Travel, fall in love, paint, make a movie, save the environment. You just got to do what you got to do.

3. Let the past stay where it belongs.

Everyone has regrets, what ifs, horrible pasts they want to get rid of. And you are supposed to get rid of them because they’re not here in the present. Let them stay where they are, in the storage. Don’t even bother opening it up if it’s not going to help you in any way. It’s over and done with.

4. Live in the now, let the future worry about itself.

This is very hard, since of course I have to think of how I’ll turn up to be in the future. I’m studying now because I want a job that could pay my wedding, mortgage, pension and grave. And the funny thing he said to us was that we might not even live to see that day. Which is true, because we never really know when it’s our time to go. We never know what we have by then. But I know we have right now, and that’s something we should focus on.

I doesn’t really makes sense to correlate math and life rules, but in reality, those are the two things you really need to get by, in my opinion. The day went better than I expected.

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