These walls I built as fortresses against pain and love too
Have been broken down into dust all because of you
Who knew those kisses, whispers, and breathless sighs could do that to me
My heart, open and bare, for you to destroy then flee

So flee you did, like wasted time, to a place far from here
And into someone, a stranger I don’t know, but at the end it was clear
That I was just in the way of the life you should have and need
Maybe worlds apart was what we’re meant to be, indeed

But every time you come back around, I cannot help myself
To let you break those walls again, and even worse, to help
Connive on the destruction of something barely recovered
To try and love again despite my heart which you yourself shattered

And then I get that stupid false hope, delusion of a second chance
Which you break because you can, and because of circumstance
You said you didn’t want to hurt me like you did before
So you thought the best solution was to make a bigger, harsher tremor

So now I’m left again with the dust you had left me twice
Expect me to stop hurting and understand your choice
Which from what I understand is that you love me but not enough
To keep me, too much to let go, so we’re stuck in a rough

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