Yes, This is About You

According to my mentor, the term ‘writer’s block’ is complete bullshit. Okay, she didn’t really call it that, I needed to exaggerate a little but she did say it was a lie. A writer never runs out of words to say even if it’s about the same thing over and over again, he or she just uses different words to convey it.

The problem is not that you cannot write about it, but because you don’t understand what to feel that you leave it behind. Wait a few days or more. Let the thought simmer to be processed until it forms something comprehensible. These are coming from a words of someone who is probably projecting or escaping, and maybe I am, but I know for a fact that it is a possibility.

But despite the words I cannot say, I know what I feel for now. I feel too much that it doesn’t make sense. It’s all fogged up, like a hazy mirage in the far end of a desert- what I want is out there but I don’t know it yet.

And since you took your time to say almost close to nothing, I think it’s only right and fair that I have my own.

Edit: I lied. I know what to say. It’s pouring out of my mouth like acid and I need you to know.

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