10, No, 9 Things About The RH Bill

It’s been a year and the Senate Bill No. 2865 or the Reproductive Health Bill is still an issue here in the Philippines (I know it’s a lengthy process but hey! Can’t help it if I have lack of patience for change. Chop chop people!). And I’d like to share my opinion on this matter as I do with any other matter.

Many people are mislead regarding this and so they end up judging due to misinformation, which is such a shame really. Although I find that really common to people nowadays. (sigh) So here are some things you need to realize regarding this bill:

1. Mind your own sex life. (giggles)

2. Kidding aside, the RH Bill does not (I bolded and italicized it for extra emphasis) legalize abortion, as some people are saying. It is stated in the Bill that they do not tolerate abortion for it is still illegal and punishable by law.

3. This Bill is concerned for the reproductive health of the Filipinos. One of its purpose is to ensure a massive and sustained information on responsible parenthood, methods and techniques to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. It gives you an option to use whatever methods you use, or if you don’t want  to use anything at all.

4. They are not forcing you all to stop multiplying, if that’s what you think. They are only to assist you in your desired family size. It will neither be mandatory nor compulsory that you have only two children. If you want to have more children, then so be it. It does not impose a family size that should be maintained, it is still the choice of the couple. If that was their plan all along, then they should have just called it ‘Two-Child Policy’.

5. It is not just about sex. Its also about rights and reproductive health and development. If this is the cause of Filipinos to be more liberated, then at least they are aware of the effects/consequences. Knowledge is power, if the people will be stubborn not to follow what is pursued in the Bill, then it is not our fault but their own.

6. Let us all keep in mind that not all Filipinos are Catholics, and not make this about religion. As much as it is important, so is one’s health.

7. If people think that this is another source of corruption in the country, let me tell you something: as far as I have remembered, corruption has been inevitable in the country, and disregarding the RH Bill does not solve it. It is not the only cause, for there are others, which in my opinion are the much critical sources of injustice in our nation.

8. In order for there to be improvement, there must be change. How are we supposed to develop as a nation when every single step of those people up there (who, if my memory serves me right, we put there ourselves) is going to be doubted?

9. According to research, 11 mothers die daily in the Philippines. The bill gives women privileges of safe family planning methods. As much as we value our culture, “panghihilod” and some other stuff are let’s be honest, not so reliable. Would we risk the lives of women?

10. Imagine going outside and then it started to rain, would you really rather use your own hands to cover yourself when there is an umbrella? Contraceptives are safe and effective family planning tools, and once again it is still your choice, but it couldn’t hurt to have an option. Better be safe than sorry.

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